Quinta dos Génios

Quinta dos Génios

A 1930’s country house where one can feel the thin line between the peacefulness and the particular magnificence of Guimarães. We present you the perfect place to unwind and see the origins of our country. Due to the proximity of Guimarães Historical Centre (Natural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco) and the picturesque scenery we guarantee a unique experience filled with distinct flavours and exceptional individuals.



In the early years, Quinta dos Génios was used as an agricultural and pastoral farm providing sustenance to its original owners. Although it was not used as a means to mass produce vegetables and animal products to sell, it gathered all of the conditions to do so, as it had fertile soils and high sun exposure.

We cannot precise how many structural interventions were made over the years however, we can state that it suffered major renovations in order to improve the living areas and bedrooms. This intervention took place in a time where the original owners had already left since it was bought as a holiday home in the 90´s. Today, Milhas & Pergaminhos promotes this wonderful piece of cultural history through the concept of ecotourism and tourism accommodation aimed to promote rural areas. We are proud to present Quinta dos Génios in its most glorious and comfortable self.

Receives guests as of 2018 having been born from the desire of the current owners to offer a unique experience to Guimarães’ visitors. Here you can enjoy this homely and traditional house from Minho and come in contact with the elements that make the country life more flavourful and relaxed, all of this just 10 min away from Guimarães’ centre. This is the perfect place for those who search for a different accommodation while (re)discovering the historical narrative of Portugal.

In Quinta do Génios you’ll have all the privacy needed while also having the opportunity to hang out with the hosts in a familiar environment in the common area.

There are no shortage of motives to visit Guimarães and now we offer one more! You’ll be received with arms wide open.